VideoPeel Review 2022 - Price, Features & Deal

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VideoPeel Review - Collect video testimonials from customers
VideoPeel Review 2022 – Price, Features & Deal

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize the power of video testimonials. If you have a product or service, you should be capturing video testimonials as often as possible. Video testimonials are the best way to build trust with your potential customers. They’re also a great way to demonstrate how much value your product or service provides to your customers. The more videos you capture, the more opportunities you have to sell to your target audience.

When it comes to making a sale, the customer is king. And, customer video testimonials are a powerful way to establish a connection with your user base. A video testimonial can be a powerful way to connect with customers and build trust. But, it’s not always easy to get a customer to record a video testimonial.

Who does not want to do that? You want your customers to be as easy as possible to do this for you. VideoPeel comes in at this point.

In this VideoPeel review, I will discuss the benefits, features and Lifetime Deal of this tool.

What is VideoPeel?

VideoPeel is a web-based software that allows you to collect video testimonials from your users. You can then use these videos to create a video-rich, mobile-friendly landing page for your business.

VideoPeel is a tool that helps businesses collect video testimonials from their users. It allows them to create a mobile-friendly landing page where they can invite their customers to leave a video review.

Once you have created the page, you can then start inviting your customers to leave a video review. You can send a message to them to invite them to leave a video review. You can also use the app to do the same.

You can use VideoPeel for Testimonials, Interviews, User Support, Estimates, Applications, Surveys, etc.

VideoPeel 2.0 gives you more features and options than the previous version.

Wondershare WW

Your VideoPeel campaign landing pages can be fully configured with profiles, pictures, or video messages to boost engagement.

If you share the link with your customers, they will be able to record testimonials right from their phone or computer.

Video reviews aren’t the only thing you’re not limited to. It’s possible to request written feedback from your customers.


You can help your customers record their best testimonials by sending them testimonials via email, messenger, and mobile.

VideoPeel gives you the ability to request unique customer information, like their favorite publications or social media platforms.

You can collect photos, files, names, written responses, and email addresses in order to flesh out customer testimonials.

If you want to show your appreciation for your customers, send special gifts or generate automated thank you messages.

It’s easy to manage everything from the brand-new media tab once you have gathered everything you need from your customers.

Nothing will fall through the cracks if you are able to search, sort, and tag your content.

Your content is more user-friendly with the help of VideoPeel, which automatically transcribes video testimonials.

VideoPeel simplifies the process with mobile-friendly landing pages that collect customer testimonials from their phones.

Let your customers show their appreciation for you.

VideoPeel Benefits

There are many advantages to using VideoPeel to collect customer testimonials. One of the main benefits is that it is much faster than traditional methods. Another benefit is that it is very affordable. It’s also easy to use, and you don’t have to hire a professional to do it for you.

The video testimonials can be used in multiple ways, including on your website, as a sales tool. When you’re ready to start collecting video testimonials, make sure to use a tool like VideoPeel. They have everything you need to get started with a simple interface, and an intuitive collection process.

Increase Conversions and Customer Engagement

Video testimonials and product reviews should be captured and uploaded to any website landing page, social media platform, or advertising initiative.

Publish your content to grow engagement and trust
  • Customizable UGC Requests including pictures and videos
  • Centralized library for easily managed content
  • Publish video anywhere

Customers Sharing Real Service Experiences

Video testimonials and service reviews can be captured, uploaded and published to any website landing page, social media platform, or advertising initiative.

  • Customizable UGC Requests including pictures and videos
  • Centralized library for easily managed content
  • Publish video anywhere
Increase content and data from your audience

Collect Real Stories and Experiences In Seconds

You can quickly collect the stories from your friends and supporters.

  • Customizable UGC Requests including pictures and videos
  • Centralized library for easily managed content
  • Publish videos anywhere

VideoPeel Features

Some features of Videopeel will be included here.

Customize your campaign, design, and presentation like never before

Within one VideoPeel campaign, you can add your video, logo, or written presentation, as well as your calls to action.

  • Collect video responses
  • Gather images and file attachments
  • Customizable thank you page

No app download required, Record from any device with a camera

If you want to use your video campaign to request something, you have to initiate the request through any device or channel.

  • SMS, Email, or Website
  • QR Code
  • Direct message on all social media platforms

The rights and ownership of the UGC need to be streamlined to make it easier to publish on any channel.

VideoPeel has streamlined the process of gaining permission and usage rights to all content.

  • There is a Privacy Policy as well as fully customizable terms and conditions.
  • The creator’s consent is needed for UGC to be submitted.
  • There are checkbox or e-signature options available.

There is a centralized dashboard where you can manage all the UGC content

Tag, publish or download all forms of collected UGC from your VideoPeel Response Library.

Manage all UGC content in one centralized dashboard
  • View analytics for impressions and plays
  • Automatched transcription
  • Multi-User Collaboration

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VideoPeel Review 2022 - Price, Features & Deal
VideoPeel Review - Collect video testimonials from customers
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VideoPeel Price

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Remote Video Capturing
Unlimited Videos
Unlimited Campaigns
Automated Onboarding
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Video Landing Page
Video Transcoding
Video Carousel Player
Default Notification


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Everything in Pro, plus
Automated Transcriptions
Custom Rights Management
Video Insights
Business Reviews
Custom URLs
Branded Campaigns
Custom Thank You Pages
Video Landing Page


for Monthly
Multi-user Collaboration
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Customer Success Manager
Custom MSA
SLA & 99% Uptime

VideoPeel FAQ

Qns :- Can I Try VideoPeel for free?
Ans :- Yes you can try VideoPeel for free. They offer 30 days trial.
Qns :- What happens to my videos if I cancel my account?
Ans :- If you want to cancel, we recommend that you download your videos before canceling the service. But your videos will still remain in your cancelled account and will be there if you re-subscribe to our service within 3 months.
Qns :- Will I own the videos I collect?
Ans :- Yes, our default privacy policy and terms & conditions grant you a license to each video submission. And you can customize these terms as you require in the pro and enterprise plans.
Qns :- How easy is it for consumers to submit videos?
Ans :- Their technology makes it very easy for someone to follow your instructions, create a video with their own smartphone, and then submit it to you. They take care of the challenges with large files, transcoding, multi-devices, multiple video formats, etc.

VideoPeel Alternative

VideoPeel Conclusion

I highly recommend, You can use this tool to create a simple, yet effective landing page. It allows you to collect your customer’s video testimonials, which are then published to your website.

Don't wait, buy this tool today, because the Lifetime deal is ending soon.

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