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SendFox Review 2023 – Email marketing tool | lifetime deal

SendFox is an email marketing tool specially designed for content creators that lets you send custom emails to your subscribers so that you can convert them into your customers.

It is part of the Sumo family of companies like KingSumo, AppSumo, and More. AppSumo is a great platform to get lifetime deals on SaaS products.

This tool provides access to all the essential features needed to make a cell funnel live with an automatic email sequence. One thing that you will definitely love about SendFox as compared to other well-known email marketing providers is its simplicity.

20,000+ customers use SendFox to send millions of emails and measure their results every month.

SendFox adds automation and customization to create simple, beautiful, and effective emails in no time.

Automatic email drafts with SendFox’s integrated weekly smart campaigns and RSS content updates. That’s why your subscribers will get your best content straight to their inbox.

This feature is great for podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers who regularly release new content and help you keep subscribers happy.

As a content creator, your brand is everything.

To make sure you’re always on board, use the simple Wsywig editor to customize fonts, colors, formatting, and links.

SendFox Features

Unlimited Branded Email

SendFox allows you to create, schedule and automate unlimited customized emails to your list of contacts.

You can personalize emails and even test them before sending them.

This is no big surprise. Because all email marketing platforms allow you to send unlimited customized emails that expand your brand.

However, for serious content creators, it helps to know that this is easy to do.

If you’re reaching out through your blog, YouTube or podcasts, and subscribers are interested in your content, then your brand is everything to you.

Simple Email Editing

There is a simple in-build WSYWIG editor that enables you to customize the following elements of your email:

  • Font
  • color
  • Link


All of this simplifies the branding of your emails and new customization features like image editing are expected in the pipeline.

Note that all the emails you create should be mobile friendly. So that your subscribers can stay with you on the go.

List Building

You can create multiple lists in SendFox:


If you already have a subscriber base, you can easily upload a list of your existing contacts and subscribers to SendFox.


SendFox Automation

SendFox allows you to automate the important emails you send, such as:

  • Automated welcome emails to customers promoting content and channels you want to direct them to
  • Automatic campaigns based on user behavior – such as what they click and open
  • Timely (scheduling) based automatic campaigns that run automatically after you set up




With the automation feature, you can easily isolate your subscribers so that the right people always get the right content.

User Interface

The interface is clean and simple. Among other details, you can check:


  • E-mail
  • automation
  • Contact
  • List

There is no clutter on the dashboard.


Lists and tagging functionality are provided to keep your contacts separate.




There’s also basic CRM functionality that allows you to write notes about each subscriber so you can be more personalized with the people who count.

Create landing pages and forms

  • The platform includes landing pages with built-in forms that help you draw new contacts directly to SendFox and convert their interest into commitment
  • Landing pages are an essential step in taking your subscribers to the sales funnel. They can also be used to collect ratings or reviews.
  • You can promote the URL of the landing page on your social media pages or in your email signature.


There are also customized embeddable forms available with SendFox.

Forms help you to subscribe, follow or collect necessary information about the subscriber to your followers.


All landing pages and forms are GDPR-compliant (they include the GDPR consent feature) so you don’t have to worry about data privacy laws.

You can embed the HTML code of the forms into your website.

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RSS Feed

This feature is important for some content creators.

Emails can be created with integrated RSS feed functionality.

This means that subscribers and followers will be notified automatically as soon as new content is published.


With this, you can promote your blog content effectively without doing anything. This is great for those who have video or podcast episodes and want to keep their subscribers up to date.

Plus, with the RSS feed feature, you can create draft email campaigns by linking SendFox to your own RSS feed.

performance tracking tool

All upgrades to SendFox include advanced analytics to track email opens, clicks, and more.

You can view contact analytics information by:

  • subscription status
  • subscription source
  • ip address
  • email activity

This helps you track your campaigns and make important changes based on real-time data.

Customer Support

You can get help with sendfox help issues in two ways:

  • A “HelpScouts” page that includes many FAQs and issues.
  • By emailing the support team.

There doesn’t seem to be any live chat feature currently. This will be a nice addition in the future for quick answers to questions.

Verifying Your Domain

By using the domain verification feature, you can improve the delivery of the emails you send with SendFox.


This reduces the chances of emails going to the spam folder if they see that the sender’s email address is associated with a valid domain.

How to Connect SendFox to WordPress using WP Fluent Forms

If you’re looking for a way to connect SendFox to WordPress, WP Fluent Forms is the perfect solution. Not only is it easy to set up, but it also offers a wide range of features that make it a powerful tool for managing your contact forms. Today, we’ll show you how to connect SendFox to WordPress using WP Fluent Forms.

If you don’t have the Fluent Forms Plugin then First Buy this Plugin because Free Version does not support Sendfox interaction.

Now, let’s find out how you can combine the SendFox with WordPress using WP Fluent Forms Plugin. Follow the instructions provided below.

  • First Log into your SendFox account, and click on the settings on the dashboard.


  • Click on the Create New Token button in API Section.


  • Enter a meaningful name for your token. We have kept my token’s name as Fluent Form. Also, feel free to give any unique name.


  • Click on create API Key, and copy this Access token key.


  • Now log into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WP Fluent Forms Pro.
  • From the list of modules, select the SendFox module.


  • Activate it, and after Going to Global Settings, you will see the SendFox module on the left sidebar there.
  • Paste the API key here you have previously saved from the SendFox account.
  • Save the settings.
  • Now You will receive a notification after saving settings.

Form-Integrations-Fluent-Forms (1)

  • You can also reactivate or verify your connection again.

Your SendFox account is now integrated with WP Fluent Forms. Now, you can use SendFox’s email marketing tools with the great functionality of WP Fluent Forms.

Would you like to learn how to use SendFox WP Fluent Forms integration to create compelling forms that will make your company stand out? Read on!

  • Click on the Settings button on the list of a particular form.


  • Go to the Forgery entries you want to be listed in SendFox.
  • After opening the settings tab, a new page will open.
  • Go to the Marketing & CRM integrations from the left sidebar.
  • Here, click on  Add New Integration on the right corner.

Integration-sendfox-fluent-form-field (1)

  • Select the option as you need it to be. (For example, currently, we need SendFox integration, so we are adding that.)
  • Enter your email address and password, specify your feed name, and choose a SendFox recipient list.


  • When you match SendFox fields to your Fluent Forms field, configure conditional logic for specific fields or entries.
  • To save the settings, click on the Create SendFox feed button.

We hope you learned in this piece that you can easily do email marketing by working with WP Fluent Forms and SendFox.

SendFox Deal Features

send unlimited emails
Schedule email campaigns at any time of the day.
Do unlimited trigger automation (with unlimited emails per automation)
custom landing page
Custom Forms (including GDPR)
Lists and tagging to keep your contacts separate
WYSIWYG email editor to make it easy to compose emails
Advanced analytics to track opens, clicks, and more
CRM functionality to write notes on each customer
Integrations:, KingSumo, Zapier API, and POST HTML Code
RSS Feed Auto-Pull — Automatically create email drafts from RSS feeds
Manage Unlimited Brands from One Account
translation capability

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SendFox Price

Free Plan

for Lifetime
Maximum 1,000 Contacts
Normal Sending Server
Double Opt-in Required
No HTML Editor
No Automations
1 Smart Page
1 Form
3 Contact List
Normal SendFox Branding

SendFox FAQ

Qns :- Is SendFox free?
Ans :- Off course they have a FREE Plan.
Qns :- How do I add SendFox to Wordpress?
Ans :- Yes, You can Connect SendFox to WordPress using WP Fluent Forms

SendFox Conclusion

SendFox is an excellent email marketing tool that offers a lifetime deal. It is easy to use and helps businesses to reach their target audiences. I highly recommend SendFox to anyone looking for an effective email marketing tool.

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