Linguix Review 2022 - Price, Features & Deal

Automatically fix writing mistakes and automate everyday typing tasks with smart shortcuts
Instantly rewrite complex or confusing sentences for better clarity and get context-appropriate recommendations
Alternative to: Grammarly and Wordtune
Best for: Marketers, content creators, and sales teams that depend on high-quality, error-free communication
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for Lifetime
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Linguix Review 2022 – Price, Features & Deal

You are writing an article and find a spelling mistake. How do you know which words to fix, and which words to leave alone?

You want to write a great piece of text which is grammatically correct. You want to write an article that is interesting and engaging, but which also sounds professional.

But there are so many words to choose from, and it is difficult to decide which ones to correct and which ones to leave alone.

You want to write better content using a tool which will give you immediate feedback on your writing mistakes, and even offer suggestions to improve the wording of your content.

Your problem is that your English skills are not that great. You have learned to speak English in your childhood, but you have forgotten most of it. And since you still remember enough to get by, you think that your skills are quite sufficient for everyday use. Unfortunately, it isn’t the case. You may have heard of some websites that claim to help writers improve their English. But most of these tools simply teach you to improve your grammar. They don’t really teach you how to write.

As you work on improving your writing, you are very aware of the time wasted on correcting spelling mistakes. And you are concerned about wasting too much time on it.

To help you avoid all that…

In this article, I would like to reveal a brand-new tool which will dramatically speed up your writing process. It’s called “Linguix”, and it will save you hours of wasted time. With Linguix, you will be able to write text that sounds perfect every time. And you will never have to worry about spelling mistakes again.

Sounds good?

Wondershare WW

Let’s dive in…

 What is Linguix?

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write better content faster using AI-powered corrections and suggestions. As a writer, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. But with Linguix, you can write quality content faster. Using AI-powered corrections and suggestions, Linguix will check your writing for errors, suggest good vocabulary words, and tell you where you’re using grammar and style, and vocabulary recommendations.

Linguix Dashboard

If you’ve ever written a long blog post, then you know the struggle of trying to find the perfect words and phrases to make your point. There’s a lot of guesswork involved in writing that can easily lead to typos, misspellings, and other grammatical errors. Even worse, if you make a mistake when writing a blog post, it’s likely that your readers will notice and take the time to point out your error.

Using artificial intelligence, it can detect your writing style and suggest better versions of sentences, paragraphs and articles.

It helps you write quicker by suggesting better vocabulary words and detecting grammar mistakes.

If you are using style or vocabulary that is incorrect, this service will tell you where to change it.

It is available on the web and as an app on both devices. It is possible to download it from the App Store and the Play store.

Linguix Benefits:

The Linguix can help you write better content. It has an AI-powered intelligent language learning system that will correct your grammar and spelling automatically. This can save you a lot of time and effort. You can also use the Linguix to find and fix common mistakes, such as incorrect words or typos.

There are several benefits to using the Linguix. You can use the Linguix to find and fix common mistakes, such as incorrect words or typos. Another benefit is that you can use it to improve your writing. It’s a great way to get feedback on your writing and, in turn, learn how to write best. The Linguix can also be used to improve your speaking skills.

The Linguix is a great way to make sure that your content is perfect. It checks for spelling and grammar mistakes, including common ones like homonyms, homophones, and plurals. It will also check for common writing problems, such as the use of inappropriate punctuation, misspelled words, and other common mistakes.

Linguix Features

Linguix Shortcuts


You can speed up your typing with Linguix shortcuts, which are draft texts used to automate repetitive typing tasks like scheduling meetings via email or sending intros on LinkedIn. Once you’ve created the shortcut, you can instantly use it by typing it with a double slant to expand the text, save time for the real work, not repetitive typing, use Linguix shortcuts.

Linguix is easy to use?

A modern website connects the sleek visuals into their user experience. It is as easy to create an account as it is to type in a password.

A few seconds after entering your details, Linguix will ask you about the purpose of your writing, and it will also ask you to select two areas where you need help when creating content.

They just do what they say they’re going to do and provide the best customer service possible. That’s all I expect from them.

I haven’t found their dashboard to be disappointing so far. As soon as I opened it, I was able to understand it. The interface is very clean and simple, and the first impression was familiar. I’m not sure if it’s correct, but it reminds me of the services offered by the internet giant.

The dashboard gives you quick access to settings, documents, statistics, and other modules.

Linguix Paraphraser

With Linguix Paraphraser, you can get suggestions on how to make your writing more clear, compelling and native. Instantly receive a list of paraphrasing suggestions when you highlight the content in your Chrome browser. It’s easy to use and helpful for improving your writing skills.


Team Management


The team management features in the Linguix dashboard can be used to add and remove team members.

Linguix Secret Mode

Use secret mode to edit sensitive content. The whole process is identical to a regular workflow you use when working with documents. The only difference is that once edited, the text is not stored on our servers anymore. Copy and paste your content before it vanishes forever.

It is great that you can have all of your online documents checked and stored forever, but sometimes you don’t want to keep a specific article or email content saved to your account. Maybe you’re writing something that you don’t want anyone to see, or maybe you’re writing something that you don’t want your colleague to see. That’s where the secret mode can be found.

This secret mode will allow you to check and fix your document without having to save anything. Linguix will automatically remove all of your content as soon as you’re done with it, not leaving any trace.

Linguix Chrome Extension


When you install the Chrome browser extension, highlight the content you’d like to rewrite, and you can instantly get a list of paraphrasing suggestions. It’s very simple, and you can speed up your typing.

On all your favorite websites, you can check your grammar in real time. This feature that help you to be more productive is also included. One of them is a lot of helpers that make it easier to navigate through large documents. There is a feature that you can use that will allow you to review grammar corrections faster.

Linguix Editor


You can create and edit documents in the linguistic web app. Create a document, paste content or start typing to get grammar corrections. You can accept edits in a few clicks or review detailed grammar explanations.  If you want to make your content better, use their statistics engine to get your readability scores and writing insights.

Improve your writing skills

Linguix is an AI writing assistant that edits as you type on millions of websites, and it is also a language learning engine. Once the system identifies the repetitive mistake, it provides the gamified and personalized training. Type your answers into access grammar information to fully understand the basics. That will allow you to improve your language and writing skills. Linguix can help you understand the roots of your mistakes and help you avoid them in the future.

Linguix allows you to work on the most relevant topics while getting instant value from the artificial intelligence-based corrections.


The Linguix Lifetime Deal 2022

Currently linguix offer a Lifetime Plan for all users. This deal is running on Appsumo right now. They offer 59$ for single coad up-to 3 team members, 118$ for double coad up-to 7 team membes, and they also offer up-to 10 multiple coad plans. Click here to learn more about all plans.

Include all these features like Unlimited grammar checker, Unlimited premium suggestions, Unlimited rewrites per day, Unlimited word definitions, Rewriter, Shortcuts, Team management, Style guides, Performance stats, 2M checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure, AI-based rephrasing, Shortcuts for repetitive typing automation, Fix 9 million typos, Synonyms suggestions, Dictionary etc.

Buy Linguix & Get Bonus

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Linguix Review 2022 - Price, Features & Deal
Linguix-Write-better-content-faster-using-AI-powered-corrections-and-suggestions (1) (1)
for Lifetime
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Linguix Price

Linguix Regular Deal Price


for Lifetime
Unlimited grammar checker
Basic writing corrections
Unlimited word definitions


for Monthly
All features above included
Not Include Team management


for Monthly
All features above included

Linguix FAQ

Qns :- What is the difference between Free and Premium?
Ans :- With Linguix Premium you have unlimited access to all features, including advanced grammar corrections, AI-based rewriting, shortcuts, and more. This means, you will be able to improve as many text pieces as you want without the need to wait until the next day.
Qns :- What is a Team Plan?
Ans :- If you are a part of a team and would like to bring your colleagues to Linguix, Their Team Plan is the best fit. You will enjoy centralized billing, team management features, style guides for business to ensure consistent communication, and more. Contact sales at [email protected] to get started.
Qns :- Can I pay using PayPal?
Ans :- Absolutely! Proceed to checkout to choose the payment method. We support both cards and PayPal checkout, so there will be no problems!
Qns :- What happens if I downgrade?
Ans :- You will still be able to use your premium benefits through the paid period. After that, your account will be switched to our free plan. No content will be lost or locked, you will use Linguix as before, but with some usage-based limitations.
Qns :- Is the iOS app included with this linguix appsumo deal?
Ans :- It is included
Qns :- Can I able to add and remove Team members?
Ans :- Yes, absolutely!
Qns :- Does Linguix tool include checking For plagerism?
Ans :- Not at the moment, sorry.

Linguix Conclusion

Linguix is a writing tool for anyone who wants to write quality content. It is a very user-friendly tool and easy to use. You don’t need to be a computer expert to use it. The linguix tool is an AI-powered solution that allows you to write better content. It will help you improve your writing and get more readers.

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