Glance Review 2022 – Price, Features & Lifetime Deal

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Glance Review 2022 – Price, Features & Lifetime Deal

You’re selling your SaaS product to others. Whether it’s a license-based or subscription, and you’re wondering how to get more customers now. You probably have thousands or millions of contacts, but they don’t always convert.

You also have customers who use a free version of your product, and you want to get them to a paid one. Or maybe you get customers on a basic paid plan, and you wish them to agree to a higher tier.

A highly personalized marketing approach has been shown to cut acquisition costs in half, lift revenues by up to 15%, and increase efficiency of marketing spending.

In this Glance Review I will introduce a new tool that name is Glance. SaaS founders use Glance to convert their contacts to high value customers.

What is Glance?

Glance helps you convert your contacts to high-value customers. Glance helps you identify buyers, upsell opportunities and churn risk customers through contextual smart segmentation and content suggestions.

Glance does it by deploying the AI onto your HubSpot, Salesforce, MailChimp, etc. So what it does is it securely collects data from all those.

Why does glance need this information? This is to understand your business. Are you a SaaS business? When your customer starts paying you money, Glance will also ask you to define your ICB, which is the ideal customer profile to understand who’s your customer.


Glance based on your SaaS goals helps you identify buyers, upsell opportunities and Churn-risk customers through contact list segmenting and content suggestions. It’s easy to target and convert more of your contacts into high-value customers with Glance.

It will help you organize your audience by goals for your business so that you can easily reach out to them with relevant content suggestions, and it will also help you segment your audience based on their stage in the product journey so that you can easily reach out to them with relevant content suggestions.

Glance uses its proprietary Marketing Graph technology to segment your contacts based on your goals, such as converting trailers to paid, or your ideal customer profile for targeted B2B email marketing.

Know users who are most likely to convert

Know users most likely to turn into customers

It’s time to stop wasting time on people who don’t know what they’re doing. Glance uses cross-channel indicators through our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Marketing Graph technology to hyper-segment your contacts based on your goals such as converting trailers to paid, or your ideal customer profile for targeted B2B email marketing.

Organize by goals: You should organize your audience by goals, not by lists.

Segment your audience: Get hyper-segments for your audience based on their stage in the product journey.

Get your cold and opt-in contacts for the trial

Qualify your cold and opt-in contacts for trial

It is important to reach out to the right contacts in order to get trial users.

Enrich your contacts to find your ideal customer – Don’t build cold lists if you want to build ICP-matched ones. You can find a customer profile match and qualify your opt-in emails by enriching them.

Relationships and context are important – Personal and contextual emails are now possible with cold emails. Bringing in more context and relationships to all of your outreach will increase your first touch response rate.

Integrate with top Market Tools

You can Integrate with top marketing tools like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Stripe, Amplitude, and Salesforce.

Send the right content at the correct time

Send the Right Content at the Right Time

You can increase your chances of conversion by timing your campaign messages to the user. Sending the right contextual campaigns to users will lead to better conversions.

Content that’s right in your campaigns – Content that engages your audience is the right contextual marketing content. By choosing the right content, you can improve your open rates and click-to-open rates.

The right time is in the product journey – The contextual messages based on the product journey are appreciated by your audience.

How to use Glance?

It’s time to take the mystery out of your marketing and sales. You can track the success of your growth marketing campaigns through the stages.

Connect your email marketing platforms and other channels – it is done in a few minutes. Adding channels will enrich your segments with data.


You can get goal-based hyper-segments – ‍Get an auto-magically created audience and the content based on where they are in their journey.


You can launch your campaigns with a click – With just a click, you can create your list or tags for the hyper-segments. Super effective campaigns can be launched to get amazing results.

Buy Glance & Get Bonus

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Glance Price

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Glance FAQ

Qns :- How many email marketing platforms can I connect?
Ans :- 1 email marketing platforms
Qns :- Can I change my goals?
Ans :- Absolutely! You can configure and redefine goals at any time.

Glance Conclusion

Glance is the most effective tool to convert your contacts into high-value customers. It helps you create a personalized marketing plan for each contact and then uses data science to determine the best path to convert them. It also helps you identify the right buyers for your products and services. The system then uses the data to create a customized marketing plan for each buyer.

So after reading Glance Review you can claim this lifetime deal now. This deal is available only on pitchground for a limited time. Otherwise, find the best plan from regular plans that are available here.

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