Dynosend Review 2022 – Price, Features & Deal

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Dynosend Review 2022 – Price, Features & Deal

I have been using email marketing for years, and I have learned a lot about email marketing from my clients. I have also studied various different email marketing software and their capabilities. After studying, I found that 37% of brands are increasing their email budget.

Your customers are in different stages of their lives. They’re in different places, at different times, and have different needs. Some people have a high need for help, while others don’t. You have to know when to speak up to the ones who need you and when to stay silent to the ones who don’t.

About Dynosend

You can use Dynosend to automate your marketing and CRM processes to focus on more important things like closing deals and making money.

You can get access to your customers when and where they are. You can nurture relationships, build trust, and drive sales using intelligent marketing automation.

Powerful Features

Marketing Automation:


In today’s world, it’s difficult to keep up with all the different stages of a customer’s life cycle. As a result, most businesses fall behind and lose customers. That’s why it’s so important to have a marketing automation strategy in place. With an effective marketing automation strategy, you can track and respond to your customers at every stage of their life cycle, making them feel like they are a part of your brand.

Dynosend offers a range of marketing automation tools to help you create visually appealing workflows that help you automate your marketing campaigns and increase your ROI. It’s a great way to get started with marketing automation.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. Whether you are selling products, services, or information, email marketing is an inexpensive way to reach your customers.

Dynosend-The-easiest-way-to-engage-your-customers (1)

Dynosend is an email marketing platform that allows you to create beautiful, engaging emails for your customers. We’re also a complete email marketing solution that’s easy to use and affordable. You can get started free for 14 days, then upgrade to premium at any time.

Campaign Monitor is a free, easy-to-use email marketing platform for marketers who want to grow their business.

Dynosend-The-easiest-way-to-engage-your-customers (2)

Contact Management:

It’s difficult to keep track of all your contacts and it’s even more difficult to keep up with the latest information. It is almost impossible to keep them all up to date. You can create audiences, capture, import, and add contacts with Dynosend. For advanced marketing, you should be able to manage custom data fields.

Segment Contacts by:

You can segment your content by contact fields, what they do in your product, email engagement, open/click location, subscription status, email validation result, contact adding method, and tags.

37% of global brands will increase their email marketing budget to make money by the end of the year 2023.

It is the best part? You can use Dynosend for a lifetime after paying for it. You can get your lifetime deal today.

Buy Dynosend & Get Bonus

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Dynosend Price


for Monthly
5 audiences
15,000 contacts
100,000 emails per month
Unlimited events and custom fields
Send SMS, Webhooks and Slack
Unlimited email validation


for Monthly
10 audiences
30,000 contacts
500,000 emails per month
Unlimited events and custom fields
Send SMS, Webhooks and Slack
Unlimited email validation
1:1 consultation


for Monthly
20 audiences
75,000 contacts
10,00,000 emails per month
Unlimited events and custom fields
Send SMS, Webhooks and Slack
Unlimited email validation
1:1 consultation
Customer success manager

Dynosend FAQ

Qns :- What is an audience?
Ans :- An audience is an email list where you save all or some of your contacts in. Each audience has its own custom fields, tags, segments, campaigns and broadcasts.
Qns :- Do Dynosend offer a FREE Trial?
Ans :- Dynosend offer a 14 day free trial for all features and no credit card is required. Some limits may apply.
Qns :- Can I change and Cancle my plan anytime?
Ans :- Yes you can change your plan easily from your account dashboard or cancel it anytime and keep using Dynosend until the end of your billing cycle.
Qns :- Can I create custom fields?
Ans :- You can create unlimited custom fields for each of your audiences (e.g. text, textbox, checkbox, radio button, date …etc)
Qns :- Can I import and export contacts?
Ans :- Yes you can import and export your contacts and custom field data belonging to them at any time
Qns :- Do I need a domain name to send emails?
Ans :- Yes, a domain name is required to send emails with Dynosend, you have to be able to edit your domain’s DNS records to verify it with our DKIM and SPF records.
Qns :- Can I send attachments?
Ans :- You can upload and attach as many files as you want to your emails, all plans come with unlimited free storage.
Qns :- Can I manage my templates?
Ans :- You can upload templates in .zip format, use our drag-and-drop editor or rich text editor with source code access) to design or code templates and save them for future use.
Qns :- Can I generate leads?
Ans :- Each audience comes with a signup page and an HTML web form to collect leads from your website or any source.
Qns :- Is double opt-in required?
Ans :- Double opt-in is not required when you import contacts as long as you have permission to message them.
Qns :- Do you handle email bounces and spam complaints?
Ans :- We automatically add bounced and spam reported emails to the blacklist available within your account dashboard to exclude them from any future messages.
Qns :- Can I verify my contacts' email addresses?
Ans :- You can verify the deliverability of all your contacts’ email addresses in bulk or individually for each audience.

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