Crocoblock Review 2023- Price, Features, and Lifetime Deal

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Crocoblock Review 2023- Price, Features, and Lifetime Deal

In this crocoblock review, we take a look at the best WordPress plugins for creating beautiful and functional websites. using jet plugins, you’ll be able to create everything from basic pages to complete eCommerce sites in no time!  so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced WordPress user, these plugins are sure to help. read on to learn more! 

Crocoblock offers some really great features. for one, it has jet plugins- which means that you can use all of the powerful features of jetpack without having to worry about compatibility issues or learning new code. also, crocoblock integrates very well with many other popular WordPress plugins- so you can be sure that it will work perfectly with whatever you have installed. finally, crocoblock has a lifetime deal- so if you ever have any problems or need help, you can always reach out to the team for support.

If you’re looking for the ultimate toolkit for WordPress, look no further. With Crocoblock you will save time and money while creating awesome websites. Get your hands on the Ultimate Toolkit for WordPress and start building your website today!

Crocoblock s pre-made themes can be downloaded and installed on WordPress platforms such as, Jetpack, and self-hosted platforms. It also has a collection of premium plugins that are designed to enhance the functionality of your website. Build any kind of website with no coding skills.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive set of tools to help you build WordPress websites, the Crocoblock Plugin Suite is worth checking out. The suite includes more than 30 plugins covering everything from creating custom post types to adding custom WooCommerce functionality. Plus, the developers are constantly updating the suite with new features and plugins, so you can be sure your website will be up-to-date with the latest WordPress technology.

WordPress is a popular content management system that allows website builders to create their websites. However, WordPress is not the only website builder available. There are also other popular website builders such as Shopify and Magento. Crocoblock is one of the newer website builders available and it has some features that make it a better choice than some of the older website builders.

One of the benefits of using Crocoblock is that it offers more flexibility than some of the other popular website builders.

Are you looking for an affordable, yet reliable and efficient Jet plugin? Look no further! Crocoblock is the perfect Jet plugin for your needs! It’s fast, easy to use, and best of all – it’s affordable! With Crocoblock, you’ll get access to a wide range of features that will make your Jet experience better than ever before! Here are just a few of the features that you’ll love:

  • Easy installation and setup
  • A wide range of Jet templates to choose from
  • Fantastic customer support
  • And much more!

Crocoblock all plugins and their features

Crocoblock is a WordPress plugin that gives website builders the ultimate toolkit for creating beautiful, interactive websites. With Crocoblock, you can create custom menus, design layout templates, create powerful custom widgets, and much more. This plugin was created with the beginner in mind and made building a website with WordPress easy and fun.

Wondershare WW

All the crocoblock plugins and their features mention billow:-

JetElements Crocoblock Plugin


JetElements Crocoblock Plugin is an addon for Elementor Page Builder. This plugin adds some useful elements to the existing ones, such as an accordion, video lightbox, countdown timer, and more. The best thing about JetElements Crocoblock Plugin is that it is easy to use. You just need to drag and drop the element you need into the page builder.

JetElements Features-

  1. Interactive popup library – Enjoy content by including interactive 50 pop-up templates into Elementor.
  2. Section Parallax – Employ Parallax effects to add some visual attractiveness to any element of the page. Divide the component into layers, and then apply a custom effect to each separately.
  3. Tooltip – Hover an item to get the little window that shows up with any content: text, images, icons, forms.
  4. Inline SVG – Display the SVG file format like logos, images, buttons, maps, etc. with high performance and no quality loss.
  5. Download & Link Buttons – Include a button to a web page, and specify the ID of a critical component that will be downloaded on button click.
  6. Creative Headline – Use fonts that can offer a range of settings, such as classic, gradient color choices, and decorative elements in the text.
  7. Animated Text – Paste a web address that’s pertinent to the animation heading, set the time delay, select the type of transition, etc.
  8. Scrolling Effect / Vertical Scroll –This allows the user to switch between sections on a page by adding vertical pagination along the sections.
  9. Image Comparison Slider –In order to make the before/after effect, we will compare two media files. First, open the original media file. Then, open the edited media file and use the divider to compare each section of the image. Finally, use arrows to adjust how much difference you want between each section and set slider mode if needed.
  10. Animated Flip Box –Animated flip boxes are popular online tools used to present content on both sides. They often include links and icons and can be animated in different styles.
  11. Subscription Form (Mail Chimp) – Adding the MailChimp subscribe form to a website allows visitors to input their e-mail address and automatically receive the newsletter.
  12. Contact Form 7 – For visitors who want to get in touch with you or receive feedback from your users, they offer a variety of customizable forms.
  13. Lottie Files – Add animated elements to your site using an external URL or JSON file. Set its effects and behavior.
  14. Instagram Feed – The masonry-style grid layout is a popular choice for displaying tagged photos or ones from the profile.
  15. Weather Widget – The air temperature, precipitation, and wind speed are all available for any location in real-time.
  16. Video Player (YouTube, Vimeo) – To create a custom video on YouTube, Vimeo, or another platform without copying HTML code and editing scripts, users can configure the videos using specific settings.
  17. Audio Player – Using this feature you can play an audio file, you can either use the player’s buttons or use an external URL to load it. To stop playback, just press the “stop” button.
  18. Advanced Map (Google Map) – With this feature, you can create and apply a Google map to the site, add pins to show the required location, and define the zoom settings.
  19. Countdown timer – To use this feature, you can indicate the start time and finish time of an event, as well as add different countdown formats.
  20. Price List – You can add a fully customizable price list to your site using this feature. This includes items with icons or images, and you can style everything up to look professional.
  21. Pricing Table – This table allows you to set the pricing plans into columns, grids, or a custom table. You can choose between columns and grid layouts.
  22. Testimonials – This feature allows you to post reviews and feedback from the users as a tell-all grid, scrollable slider, or laconic single.
  23. Slider – This feature allows you to control how content blocks with titles, descriptions, and linked buttons play automatically.
  24. Banner – With this feature, you can display the images with the necessary information and draw attention to the animation effects.
  25. Logo showcase – You can add the block with the brands’, partners’, or clients’ logos to your site and add links to them.
  26. Services – You can use this feature to describe the company’s services in an arranged way. Titles, headers, descriptions, icons, and order can be added using the appropriate fields.
  27. Team Member – This feature allows you to create a custom team card structure and style it up easily.
  28. Responsive Tables – You can use this feature to organize the data by breaking it down into cells, rows, and columns. The data will be responsive so that you can scroll horizontally.
  29. Horizontal & Vertical Timeline – Using the timeline feature, you can add timelines either vertically or horizontally to display events, projects, and roadmap chronologically.
  30. Progress Bar & Circle Progress – You can visualize the progress values using the bar or circle layout with animation effects.
  31. Bar & Pie Chart – This feature allows you to display data in charts, such as pie charts, donut charts, and horizontal and vertical bars.
  32. Portfolio Gallery – You can add versatile images or photos to your post using this feature. Choose an appropriate layout, such as Masonry, Grid, Justify, or a List.
  33. Image Carousel – You can create image carousels to display images as a slider with multiple items and pagination or navigation elements using this feature.
  34. Posts Grid – This feature allows you to display posts in a grid layout. You can sort them out by categories, IDs, publishing date, etc.

JetEngine Crocoblock Plugin


JenEngine Crocoblock Plugin is an excellent tool for creating a custom WordPress website. The plugin is easy to use and makes creating a website simple. With JenEngine Crocoblock Plugin, you can choose from a variety of templates and themes to create the perfect website for your business or personal use.

JetEngine Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Geosearch based on user geolocation – This feature enables you to view posts, terms, users, and CCT items that are within a certain radius of the user who shared their geolocation on a website.
  2. Google, Openstreet, Photon, Bing, Leaflet, Mapbox maps – Using this feature you can Select the needed front-end or geocoding provider to display map listings.
  3. Relationship Builder – With this feature, you can create complex relationships between CPT, CCT, users, and taxonomies. You can add meta fields to fill in the related information.
  4. Charts Builder – With this feature, you can arrange the dynamic data into charts of different types.
  5. Tables Builder – Using this feature you can create static data tables with posts, products, users, terms, comments, and SQL data.
  6. Extended Query Loop – JetEngine dynamic fields can help you create powerful loops by enabling the JetEngine dynamic fields block. This block allows you to set up dynamics into your basic Query Loop block, which can help make your loops more powerful and tailored to your needs.
  7. Query Builder – With the new Query Builder, you can create complex queries on the backend and apply them to posts, users, terms, comments, SQL tables, and REST API resources.
  8. SEO for Custom Post Type – With RankMath and Yoast SEO integration, you can add meta field types such as text, text area, and WYSIWYG. This allows you to more easily track your site’s SEO performance.
  9. Glossaries – The ability to create metadata and use it as a source of options in any CPT, form, or filter is an important skill.
  10. Custom Post Types – Using this feature you can easily create custom post types and attach them to pages or posts.
  11. Custom Content Types – You can use this feature to create the database tables storing CCT metadata. This speeds up data retrieval and saves server resources.
  12. Custom Fields – With this feature, you can add 18 meta field types to the custom post types. You can use them to display attributes of posts.
  13. Repeater Custom Field – Using this feature you can add one more guest, team member, or social icon to your blog post, product, or single page.
  14. Custom Meta Boxes – This feature allows you to group custom meta fields together. This will allow you to add extra information to posts, taxonomies, CPTs, and WP users.
  15. Custom Taxonomies & Terms – With this feature you can categorize the posts types, products, and pages according to any classification characteristics.
  16. Options Page – You can manage all your website’s global data in one place using this feature. This includes company addresses and phone numbers.
  17. Posts Relations – This feature allows you to Interrelate different custom post types by choosing the relevant type of relations.
  18. Data Stores – You can create a personal data repository for every user on your site to store any posts they make, such as favorite items and wishlists.
  19. Dynamic Field Widget – You can present data from meta fields to the listing item on a single page.
  20. Dynamic Image Widget – You can display the featured image of the current post, as well as meta data from CPT, MetaBox, Options, Taxonomy, and User profile.
  21. Dynamic Repeater Widget – You can remove repeating blocks from posts or taxonomies using this feature.
  22. Dynamic Link Widget – You can use this feature to direct users from a listing item to a single post, options, and profile page.
  23. Dynamic Terms Widget – You can use this feature to show the taxonomy of posts, or terms list in the listing. You can also link it to navigate to the terms archive pages.
  24. Dynamic Meta Widget – You can view the default meta information, such as the publishing date, author, and comments about a post, by clicking on the “Display default meta information” link in the post’s header.
  25. Dynamic Listing Grid – You can use the “Dynamic Listing” feature to set up listings that appear in different ways, including through a grid layout, as a masonry page, or as a slider or carousel. You can also add alternative listing items using this feature.
  26. Dynamic Listing Map – With this feature, you can change the style and filter the map’s content.
  27. Dynamic Listing Calendar – You can use the dynamic event calendar feature to create listings with all the meta fields needed for timetables.
  28. Dynamic Content Visibility – You can control how visible content is on a page by setting its visibility using meta fields. This feature uses values from meta fields, user data, and other rules to determine how the content should be displayed.
  29. Conditional Logic for Custom Fields – You can configure the visibility of certain meta fields, according to the dynamic rules you set. For example, you might want to hide a field if it’s not being used often or if it doesn’t have any data in it.
  30. Dynamic Function – You can use this feature to set the dynamic calculations for your listings to showcase the average, min/max, summed, and count field values.
  31. Dynamic Tag – This feature allows you to display the post count, average reviews rating, or price per day/night from the meta fields to the widgets.
  32. Macros – This feature allows you to show posts about children or exclude category terms from the listing grid, map listings, and advanced calendar.
  33. Shortcodes Generator – You can generate a shortcode to output JetEngine-related data anywhere in the content using this feature.
  34. Skins Manager – This feature lets you import and export the previously created CPTs, meta fields, terms, and user info from one website to another.
  35. Custom Templates for Profile Pages – You can set up your account to contain pages for users, single-user pages, and pages that only you can see.
  36. Account Pages – Registered users have a dedicated account page where they can access all of their posts, payments, comments, and more.
  37. Account Profile Menu Widget – You can add menu items to the Account page by clicking on the Adds button on the top right corner of the page. This includes options to User Posts, Add New Post, User Settings, or custom ones to navigate different areas of your account.
  38. Profile Page – You can create a custom Single User page that includes all of your contact info, favorite listings, and posts.
  39. Profile page – The feature allows users to edit the content on their profile page directly.
  40. Restrict Admin Area Access – With this feature, you can restrict access to the default WordPress admin area to only certain user roles.

JetBlog Crocoblock Plugin

JetBlog Crocoblock Plugin is a powerful tool that lets you create beautiful blogs and websites with WordPress. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder, so you can easily create your posts and pages. Plus, it includes tons of templates and themes to choose from. And, best of all, it’s free!

JetBlog Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Text Ticker – Every post on the site will be displayed with continuous animation, making it look like a news ticker.
  2. Video Playlist – Adding videos to your website can be a great way to provide additional information or entertainment for your visitors. You can use the link to Vimeo or Youtube in a custom or default layout, depending on what best suits your site.
  3. Posts Lists – To get the posts in a list layout, mark the featured post if needed, and easily customize these text blocks, use the Posteo API.
  4. Posts Tiles – The posts in this blog are designed to be personalized with built-in layouts and show post terms and other data.

JetSearch Crocoblock Plugin


JetSearch Crocoblock Plugin is an extension for the JetSearch search engine that allows you to search through your Crocoblock websites. It is fast, efficient, and easy to use. The plugin installs in just a few seconds and is compatible with all major browsers. With JetSearch Crocoblock Plugin, you can quickly find what you need on any of your Crocoblock websites.

JetSearch Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. AJAX Search Form in Header – Adding an AJAX search form to the header directly allows users to view this section on the entire site without having to navigate through different pages.
  2. Search Results Page – With this feature, you can create an archive template that displays organized and styled search results.
  3. Search Results Preview Styling – Search results on a website can be customized to make them easier to read. For example, you can add pagination and notifications to make your search results easier to understand.
  4. Search Query Parameters – The new feature allows you to specify the search by certain post types, terms, field keys, etc.
  5. AJAX Search Form – With this feature, you can search the site’s content faster with AJAX.

JetCompare & Wishlist Crocoblock Plugin

In the world of WordPress, there are many different plugins to choose from. Some are more popular than others, and some have more features than others. JetCompare is a plugin that allows you to compare two different versions of a post or page, which can be helpful when making changes. Wishlist Crocoblock is a plugin that helps you to create custom blocks for your posts and pages.

JetCompare is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to compare products and add them to a wishlist. Crocoblock Plugin is an extension for JetCompare that adds support for the Crocoblock theme. The plugin allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful product comparisons.

JetCompare & Wishlist Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Compare & Wishlist Page – This feature allows you to add the products to your favorites list or compare them with other products.
  2. Compare & Wishlist Buttons – Compare and contrast the features of the following two products. Which product is better for you? Let buyers rate, compare and add products to their favorites to find out!

JetProductGallery Crocoblock Plugin

Crocoblock is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you to create a product gallery in minutes. With this plugin, you can quickly and easily add products to your website and showcase them in an attractive and user-friendly way. The plugin includes a variety of features that make it easy to add and manage products, including the ability to add multiple images, add descriptions, and set prices. You can also customize the look of your product gallery using the built-in themes and settings.

JetProductGallery Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Product gallery lightbox – With this feature, you can enable full-screen mode, which displays the counter and arrows on top of the image as well as buttons to share or download the image.
  2. Product modern gallery widget – A modern, tasteful vertical template can help showcase your products in an appealing way.
  3. Product gallery grid widget – Adding a gallery element to your single product page with images and videos will give your customers a more in-depth look at what they are buying. This can help them make an informed purchase decision, and may even lead to them choosing your product over another option.
  4. Product gallery anchor navigation widget – To showcase product photos in a gallery layout, use simple and solid anchor navigation. This will help the viewer to easily navigate through your photos.
  5. Product gallery slider widget – This slider allows users to view product images in a gallery. It also includes pagination dots and arrows for easy navigation.
  6. Product image zoom – To zoom your product image on hover, use the magnifying scale button on the left side of the image.
  7. Custom gallery images – To upload images from your WP Media Library to your product gallery, you can either manually upload them or add them using the Media Uploader plugin.
  8. Featured product video – You can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted video services like Blip. tv to the Product Gallery on a page or in a popup.

JetPopup Crocoblock Plugin

JetPopup Crocoblock Plugin is an excellent tool for creating popup windows with various customizations. It is easy to use and can be implemented in minutes. The plugin offers a wide range of features, including the ability to create different types of popup windows, customize the design and behavior, track conversions, and more. Overall, JetPopup Crocoblock Plugin is an excellent choice for businesses that want to create popup windows with a high degree of flexibility and control.

JetPopup Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Popup templates collection – Elementor is a platform that allows users to create and customize popups. The company offers ready-to-go templates for a variety of purposes, including marketing activities and businesses.
  2. Product Quick View – The products grid allows users to preview the goods in the grid and get detailed information about an item from a popup window.
  3. 3rd Party Services Integration – Crocoblocks offer an easy way to integrate 3rd party services into your website or app. They provide a modular interface that makes adding new services quick and easy. In addition, crocoblock provide real-time data tracking so you can see how users are interacting with your new service.
  4. Export/Import popup .json format – To import an already created popup into a website, save it to a JSON file and then use the import function.
  5. Popup Action Button – Actions that can be performed from a popup are to choose an option or be redirected to another page.
  6. Animation Effects – Popups can use one of four different animation effects to open: zoom, fade, slide, or bounce.
  7. Conditions / Triggers – This setting allows you to control how popup displays are displayed on the site as a whole. You can choose between displaying them automatically when certain events occur, or opening them up manually on click.
  8. Custom Popup Layout – To create a custom popup, you will need to build a structure and use multiple style settings.

JetSmartFilters Crocoblock Plugin


JetSmartFilters is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin for Crocoblock. It allows you to manage your filters more easily and effectively. With JetSmartFilters, you can quickly add, remove, or edit filters without having to go into the code. This plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to streamline their filtering process.

JetSmartFilters is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin for Crocoblock. It allows you to manage your filters more easily and effectively.

JetSmartFilters Crocoblock Plugin

  1. Multiple field keys filtration – Looking for posts about using meta field keys to filter the posts according to several meta fields’ data?
  2. Alphabet filter – This post has been filtered through the alphabet look filter with the checkbox or radio type behavior.
  3. Permalinks Structure for filters – The Plain URL option will provide the filter URL structure in the address bar, while the Permalink option will include a link to a post with that particular filter on it.
  4. Date Period Filter – This website automatically filters posts or products by post or meta date. For example, posts from the last day of the month are filtered, as are posts from two months ago.
  5. WooCommerce, ACF. 3rd Party Integrations – Filters ACF, Pods, and CPT UI meta fields within the Listing Grid in WooCommerce.
  6. Filer & display multiple providers – There are several widgets of different providers, such as Map Listing and Listing Grid, placed on the same page.
  7. AJAX Loading for filters – After the filter is applied, the search results are displayed right away without having to reload the page.
  8. Faceted Search System – This app allows users to apply multiple filters and add the redirect path to the already filtered results page.
  9. Indexer (Auto Count / Dynamic Count) –In addition to the filter’s options, a dynamic counter provides an alternate way to control how many results are displayed. If there are no matches found, the counter will hide or disable the filter’s options.
  10. Hierarchy Select – The hierarchy of filters used to display information includes a category filter and then subcategory filters. 
  11. Pagination – To improve navigation through the products grid or posts, users can divide the result of filtering or search into pages.
  12. Active Tags, Remove filters, Active Filters – Each tag can be filtered by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar. The Remove filters button deactivates all tags at once.
  13. Sorting Filter – Based on different values, the posts and products are set in ascending or descending order. The posts and products are arranged based on their date, title, rating, etc.
  14. Checkboxes Filter – To get posts or products filtered out, select the box from the list. To filter posts or products, select the checkmark from the list.
  15. Select Filter – Filters allow users to pick one option from a drop-down list at a time. This allows for more control over how data is presented on the site.
  16. Range Filter – Use a slider to sort posts or products in between the values. Perfect for Woo prices, posts’ custom field values.
  17. Check Range – The diapason of Min/Max values can be set based on the numeric meta field to filter posts or products.
  18. Date Range – If you want posts or products with matching Date values from the meta field, use the Pick From – To dates in the calendars.
  19. Radio Filter – The single-select filter type allows users to choose only one option at a time.
  20. Search Filter – The software allows the user to search through content by manually inputting needed words into the field.
  21. Visual Filter – The filtering options with visual elements allow you to add color from the icon-picker or your image.
  22. Rating Filter – The filter bar on the shop page allows shoppers to select products by rating and sorting items in the Listing Grid by CPT meta field value.

JetWoobuilder Crocoblock Plugin

JetWoobuilder is a Crocoblock plugin that helps you to create a professional website in minutes. It includes a wide range of features and options, so you can create a website that perfectly represents your business. With JetWoobuilder, you can easily add new pages, customize the layout, and choose from a wide range of fonts and colors. You can also add your own images and videos, or choose from the library of professional stock photos and videos.

JetWoobuilder Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Log in/Log out – To access your account, please enter your username and password. You can also log in and log out using the buttons on this page.
  2. Registration Form/Sign up – This feature allows users who are not registered with the company to fill in the form and check the status of their privacy policy submission via a notification on the company’s privacy policy page.
  3. Customer Account Pages – Adding a new user type is simple: just create a Custom Account page, and fill in the required fields. You can then select which areas of your account you would like to view on this page. Your new user type will have their own customized My Account page, complete with dashboard, orders, and account details.
  4. Checkout Page – When you visit the checkout page on our website, you will find a full order review, shipping and billing details, as well as a coupon form. This page allows customers to make sure that their order is correct before submitting it.
  5. Back to the Shop Button – Once the order is placed, clicking this button will take the customer to the shop page.
  6. Product Meta – On the product page, you can display the SKU number, categories, and tags of the product. You can also apply styling to them.
  7. Product Sale Badge – You can set the sale price for products on a page, and use special macros to show the discount’s percentage.
  8. Product Notifications – Default WooCommerce notifications, messages, and errors will be displayed on the shop page.
  9. Product Stock Status – This shows the number of products in stock, out of stock, and on back-order. The text can be changed to show different statuses.
  10. Shop/Catalog Page Title, Description – Display the product title and description on the Archive Product category page. You can customize and style them up to look more professional.
  11. Shop/Catalog Page Layout Switcher – In the Products Loop, you can change the product view from grid to list. This lets you see all of your products at once instead of in a grid format. You can choose a template for the secondary layout, icon, and more.
  12. Shop/Catalog Page Listing Layout – You can show WooCommerce products in grid or listing layout, with customization for every detail. The layouts are responsive, so they look great on any device.
  13. Shop/Catalog Page Pagination – The product pages allow customers to navigate via controls that let them go to the next or previous page.
  14. Product Display Order – Some filters that are available on the product page include popularity, average rating, latest added items, and price.
  15. Product Counter – The average number of products applied to a particular category is three.
  16. Product Results Counter – On the shop page, you can see how many products of a particular type are available and what filtering results were produced.
  17. Single Product Page – You can create a custom structure for a single product template by adding price, meta, picture, and other widgets.

JetMenu Crocoblock Plugin

If you are looking for an easy way to add a custom menu to your WordPress site, you should check out the JetMenu Crocoblock Plugin. This plugin makes it easy to create a custom menu with just a few clicks. You can choose from a variety of templates and icons to create a menu that matches your site’s look and feel. Plus, the plugin includes built-in support for WooCommerce, so you can easily add shopping links to your menu.

JetMenu Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Export & Import options for the mega menu – With this feature, you can export the menu style and other settings into a JSON file, and then import this file to another site’s menu.
  2. Save and Apply previously created style settings – With this feature, you can create and save different menus’ style presets and use them for several menu locations.
  3. AJAX loading for the mega menu – This feature allows you to load the MegaMenu content immediately, whether it is a simple menu item list or a Mega Menu.
  4. Custom menus for different pages – With this feature, you can assign different menus with unique content and styling to different pages or sections of your site.
  5. Mobile menu – With this feature, you can create a mobile menu that has different menu items content and style for desktop and mobile.
  6. Submenu – With this feature, you can place any content on the submenu: stores, multimedia, contacts, blog, dynamic content, and templates.
  7. Hamburger menu – The menu can be displayed on a desktop, tablet, and mobile in a toggle view mode.
  8. Vertical menu – With this feature, you can set the menu to go from top to bottom on the side panel of your website.
  9. Horizontal menu – With this feature, you can choose to have the horizontal layout of the MegaMenu aligned from left to right or center it out.

JetTab Crocoblock Plugin

JetTab Crocoblock Plugin is an excellent tool that allows you to manage your content easily. It has a very user-friendly interface and makes creating and managing your posts a breeze. This plugin is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for an easy way to manage your content.

JetTab Crocoblock Plugin

  1. Tabs Vertical & Horizontal – This feature allows you to navigate between multiple custom templates on a page by clicking or hovering the tab controls.

  1. Switcher – With this new feature, you can quickly compare two different templates to see how they might look together on your page.

  1. Accordion Blocks – With this feature, you can place any type of content on the page in a compact block-item way.

JetReview Crocoblock Plugin

JetReviews works great with any kind of website post. Feel free to edit the review fields using a neat pop-up window, and write the review types on new pages and posts with one click.

Use it to create a chat-based rating system for each product service you provide and let users rate them by the specified criteria. Create a custom layout and export reviews for your product as a JetEngine Listing.

JetReview Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Rating Metadata (Filter by Average Rating) – This feature allows you to filter post by meta data, and get percentage value into rating scale, also sync rating data between old and new posts.
  2. re-Captcha – With reCAPTCHA v3 form verification, you can protect the site from fraudulent reviewers. This feature allows users to enter a challenge code to prove they are human and not a robot.
  3. Registered leave a review – Only registered users may leave product and post reviews to avoid sharing non-related experiences.
  4. Review Pagination – This feature allows you to break a long review’s thread into multiple comments using pagination for better navigation.
  5. Reviewer info/ Author verification – With this feature, you can assign verification types: Guest, Customer, Manager to make it clear to whom reviews/comments belong.
  6. Dynamic Tag (Reviews) – The feature that allows for reviews to be shown with real user data (name, profile picture, and rating) and relevant stats on other pages is a valuable addition to the app.
  7. Reviews & Comments moderation via the dashboard – This feature allows you to approve or review comments and reviews that are on hold. You can also edit, undo approval, or delete them if needed.
  8. Custom Rating Scales (stars, points, %) – This feature allows you to choose a rating system that you prefer and display user reviews as stars, points, or percentages.
  9. Overall Review Rating – With the “Focus on Complete Picture” feature, you can see all of the information associated with a review’s rating, including its average rating and rank.
  10. Multiple Rating Parameters –This feature allows you to create a rating system for every product or service and let users rate them by the pre-defined criteria.
  11. Review Responses / Comments – If you are considering writing a review for product, you can evaluate it first by clicking the “Evaluate This Review” link on the product page. You can also get in touch with the reviewer by leaving a comment or responding to it.
  12. Review Like/Dislike – Guests are able to Like or Dislike any post at any time, simply by clicking the corresponding button on the bottom of each post. If they later change their mind, they can click the ‘Like’ button again to restore their prior rating.
  13. Frontend Review Submission by Roles – With this new feature, you can choose who you want to leave reviews and comments—the author, the customer, the shop manager, or even a guest.
  14. Review Form – You can create a custom review form with the fields you need to rate and title your reviews. You can set labels and style everything up according to your own preferences.

JetTricks Crocoblock Plugin

The JetTricks Crocoblock Plugin is a new tool that allows you to add some amazing effects to your WordPress site without having to know any code. With this plugin, you can easily create animated and interactive elements like tooltips, modals, and more. Plus, you can use the built-in editor to customize the look and feel of your animations.

JetTricks Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Section Parallax – With this feature, you can apply parallax effects to any element on a page. Create multiple layers and assign a stand-alone effect to each.
  2. Tooltip – With this new feature, you can hover an item to see the window that shows up with any content, including text, images, icons, and forms.
  3. Unfold – This button allows the folding and unfolding of the section with the button, in order to show more or less content.
  4. Read More – With this feature, you can add content from within a series on any page type.
  5. Sticky Column – The pagination feature allows content to remain stationary when scrolling the page up and down. This is helpful for users who want to keep track of where they are on a page without having to constantly scroll.
  6. Satellite Text or Image – A widget’s content can be overlaid with text, an image, or an icon..
  7. Section Particles – With this feature, you can generate a custom JSON code to add an animated particle effect on the background.
  8. HotSpot – With this extra feature, you can add an image and place the markers on it with extra information that appears on a hover or a click.

JetBlock Crocoblock Plugin

Do you need a widget to add some content to your header or footer? If the answer is yes, then JetBlock is perfect for you! These highly functional widgets are perfect for enriching headers & footers with content. Whether you need a basic widget or something more complex, JetBlock has you covered. Try them today and see how they can help your website look and function better!

JetBlocks are a powerful tool for quickly creating modular sections in Elementor. By keeping any section built with Elementor in view, you can easily reference and update the blocks as needed. This is a great way to keep your content organized and manageable, and it’s also a quick way to test changes without affecting the live site.

JetBlock Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Basic Navigation Menu – With this feature, you can place a simple menu in the header or footer, set vertical or horizontal layout, and toggle between items’ style.
  2. Hamburger Panel for Content & Multimedia – This feature provides a custom template in a Hamburger panel to easily access any site’s part.
  3. Search Bar in the menu – You can add a search widget to the header and display results from posts or products in an archive template.
  4. Breadcrumbs – With this setting, you can display and customize the full or minified path leading to the website’s pages.
  5. Site Logo menu icon – The website features a logo in an image or text form on the header. The logo is linked to the homepage.
  6. Login/Register Links – The Authorization Links widget in the header allows users to log in, log out, and register at the site with the help of an authentication token.
  7. Login/Register menu icons – This feature enables you to display the Login and Registration form widgets in a header, and require the user to enter their verification code before proceeding.
  8. Shopping Cart menu Icon – With this feature, you can add WooCommerce Shopping Cart to the header to display the number of items selected and the total sum.
  9. Sticky Header – With this feature, you can make a header sticky to show it on the top of your page and speed up the navigation through the website.

JetBooking Crocoblock Plugin

JetBooking is a powerful booking plugin for WordPress that lets you easily manage reservations and appointments. It’s perfect for hotels, resorts, spas, salons, and any other business that needs to manage bookings. The Crocoblock plugin lets you add JetBooking to your WordPress site in just a few clicks. Once it’s installed, you can start managing reservations right away.

Features: –

  • Manage reservations, bookings, appointments, and check-ins with JetBooking
  • Add and edit multiple booking blocks in one place
  • Create custom fields for any booking block
  • See a summary of all your bookings on the front page
  • Display additional information about each booking in ico-form
  • Display a booking calendar with the due date and reminder
  • Display the number of appointments available
  • Search for availability ico-form ico-form

JetBooking Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Seasonal pricing – This feature allows you to charge different prices for booking during the high or low season or any holiday.
  2. Weekend pricing – This feature allow you to set special prices for weekends or other days on a regular basis.
  3. Units Manager – With this feature, you can manage your bookings for the same type of room on the same dates.
  4. Sync Calendar – With this feature, you can synchronize the schedule and automate the processes by integration with iCal, Google Calendar, Integromat, and Zapier.
  5. WooCommerce. Payment Integration – WooCommerce is a popular ecommerce platform that allows you to easily create and manage your own online shop. It comes pre-configured with an easy checkout system, making it simple for customers to pay their bills.
  6. Calculate booking Per night / Per day – This feature allows you to calculate the booking period depending on the last booked date.
  7. Booking Rates Based on the Length of Stay – This feature allows you to set the price variation according to the number of booked days. The longer the stay, the lower the per-night rate.
  8. Booking Rates per person – This feature allows you to set different rates for the same property depending on the number of guests.
  9. Weekly bookings / One-day booking – This feature allow you to establish periods that are meant to be booked.
  10. Quickstart plugin installation – Wizard functionality makes it easy to manage your booking settings.
  11. Price Calculation – This feature allows you to set the automatic price calculator and add the total price field to the booking form.
  12. +1 Traveller – This feature allows you to attach as many people as wanted to a single booking form and providing their personal details.
  13. Extra services for booking form – This feature allows you to determine whether or not additional services or specials will be offered, which can increase the initial price of the service.
  14. Booking Form & Availability Calendar – With this feature, you can create a booking form that gathers the necessary information for an order. You can add a calendar to visualize available dates.

JetThemecore Plugin Feature

  1. Responsive page templates – With this setting, you can specify which devices the Gutenberg or Elementor page templates will be visible on.
  2. Templates display based on URL – With this feature, you can export the custom Gutenberg or Elementor template to a specific page or pages based on their URL.
  3. Error 404 Page – If you want to create a custom 404 page in Gutenberg or Elementor, you can do so by setting up a custom 404 page. This feature allows users to find out about the broken link or mistyped page address.
  4. Section – With this feature, you can easily add content about your business, such as a About us page, blog posts, and services listings. You can also include a pricing table on the site.
  5. Archives – With this feature, you can add a layout via Gutenberg or Elementor to display all the posts in a given month, year, category, and CPTs.
  6. Single Page – With this feature, you can create a custom single-page template using either Gutenberg or Elementor. This allows you to create a custom structure for your pages, which can be helpful if you want to organize your content in a specific way.
  7. Header & Footer – This feature allows you to create custom footers and headers, style them up, and set the target location to display each of them on your page.

JetAppointment Crocoblock Plugin

JetAppointment Crocoblock Plugin is an appointment booking plugin for WordPress that lets you easily manage your appointments. The plugin integrates with JetAppointment, a powerful online appointment booking system, to provide a more streamlined experience for your clients. With the plugin, you can easily manage your appointments and bookings from within WordPress, making it easy to keep track of your schedule.

JetAppointment Crocoblock Plugin Features

  • Range Schedule Type – With this feature, you can add a time picker to the calendar, allowing you to set the start and end time of the appointment yourself.

  • Recurring appointments –This feature allows you to make repeated appointments for every day, week, month, and year.

  • Price per hour/minute – With this feature, you can configure the service price to be calculated either per hour or per minute.

  • Price per provider slot – You can set up the individual price for every provider. This has a higher priority than the service price.

  • Minimum time required before booking – This feature allows you to set a time for appointments that will avoid last-minute bookings.
  • Multi Booking – This feature allows you to book several appointments at different times and on different days.

  • Google calendar integration – With this feature, you can automatically add appointments to a Google calendar.

  • WooCommerce Payment Integration – You can add the JetAppointment Crocoblock Plugin to your WooCommerce website to process payments. 

  • Quickstart plugin installation – A wizard helps you set up the schedule, add fields to the forms, and customize providers and services quickly.

  • Availability Calendar – This feature allows you to see the available, booked dates, days off, and appointment capacity in a calendar.

  • Appointment Capacity – This new feature allows you to reserve a specific time slot for a future event.

  • Buffer Time – This feature allows you to arrange the buffer time between appointments.
  • Days off – With this feature, you can create custom availability rules for each calendar date or specific hours and set holidays and days off.

  • Working hours – With this feature, you can adjust the default schedule for all the services in one place.

  • Multiple service providers – This new feature allows you to assign multiple providers, their dedicated profiles, and the calendar to display their time slots.

JetFormBuilder Crocoblock Plugin

JetFormBuilder is a free online tool that allows users to create custom forms and surveys. The Crocoblock plugin allows users to create customized questions and responses for survey data collection. This plugin offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create custom questions and respond to survey respondents.

JetFormBuilder Crocoblock Plugin is a new plugin for JetForm that allows you to create Crocodile block forms. The plugin includes a set of pre-made blocks that you can use to quickly create forms.

JetFormBuilder Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. PayPal recurring payments – PayPal allows you to create payment forms for the subscriptions. You can set up automatic payments or have customers make payments through PayPal.
  2. Form Records – This feature allows you to view all form entries and check the submission status from the WordPress dashboard.
  3. Hierarchical Select field – With this feature, you can display hierarchical taxonomy terms as items in a select form field.
  4. Form Patterns – With this feature, you can easily add ready-made forms to your site. You can contact, register, profile, subscribe, and apply for jobs all from the same place.
  5. Global Form Macros – You can add the form values into other form fields labels, descriptions, or instructions.
  6. .
  7. WooCommerce Cart & Checkout Action – With this feature, you can choose to add one product to your shopping cart and checkout directly from WooCommerce.
  8. Advanced Color Picker – With this feature, you can add a color picker to any form field that has advanced options such as color opacity and hexadecimal (HEX) and RGB color code.
  9. User Login – You can add a user login form to a site with login, pass, and remember me checkboxes. This feature supports secure cookies.
  10. Generate number range – This feature allows you to generate a number range dynamically in the form field.
  11. Inline fields editing – You can edit the labels and descriptions for all field types on a page editor form, including the submit button and form break.
  12. Required Fields – You can Add Required Mark to any form field to make it mandatory for the user to fill in that field.
  13. Masked input (Placeholder text) – With this feature, you can create a data validation and guide the user through the data format shown as the masked input.
  14. File uploads – Uploading media files is a popular feature of the website. Users can submit media files through the form.
  15. reCAPTCHA v3 form validation – This feature allows you to enable spam prevention for your site from your form.
  16. Multi-Сolumn Form Layouts – With this feature, you can group multiple form fields into several columns to make the long-form structure more compact.
  17. AJAX loading for form – You can submit the form without having to reload the page for a better user experience.
  18. Custom form styling – You can customize your form’s appearance by applying different styles to individual form fields or to the entire form.
  19. Select Autocomplete field – The Select field input can be automatically loaded by AJAX, which makes data entry more efficient.
  20. Save Progress during Form Completion – This feature allows you to store the form calculations, triggered fields conditions, and active steps on multi-step in Local storage.
  21. Address Autocomplete field – Geocoding provides a way to identify addresses, establishments, and regions. Additionally, it supports restrictions on which cities and countries can be searched.

JetGridBuilder Crocoblock Plugin


JetGridBuilder Crocoblock Plugin is an extension for the JetThemeCore plugin that allows you to create custom jet grid blocks. The plugin is easy to use and lets you create custom grid layouts with just a few clicks. You can also add your own CSS to style your grids however you want.

JetGridBuilder Crocoblock Plugin Features

  1. Flexible Posts Grid –This new feature lets you place posts, products, pages, terms, and tags in any order and change the size. You can see the result instantly.

Crocoblock Deal Features

Dynamic templates
Design templates
Interactive pop-ups
JetElements Plugin
JetBlog Plugin
JetTabs Plugin
JetTricks Plugin
JetEngine Plugin
JetBooking Plugin
JetAppointment Plugin
JetWooBuilder Plugin
JetWooBuilder Plugin
JetCompareWishlist Plugin
JetReviews Plugin
JetSearch Plugin
JetSmartFilters Plugin
JetStyleManager Plugin
JetMenu Plugin
JetThemeCore Plugin
JetPopup Plugin
JetGridBuilder Plugin
JetBlocks Plugin
JetFormBuilder Plugin
Kava Theme

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Crocoblock FAQ

Qns :- Do I need Elementor pro if I have Crocoblock?
Ans :- Yes
Qns :- What is Crocoblock used for?
Ans :- Crocoblock use for building custom website.

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Crocoblock Conclusion

I love crocoblock! It's the ultimate toolkit for building websites with WordPress. It's easy to use and it has everything I need to create a beautiful website. The support is amazing and they are always updating the software with new features. I highly recommend crocoblock to anyone looking to create a website using WordPress.

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